Authenticating against our API requires an API Key. Please note the following about your API Keys:

  • API Keys are generated for each project you create. You cannot use an API Key generated for Project A for Project B.
  • For security reasons, we only display API Keys once. You're expected to copy and save them in a secure place.


Secure your API Key

Your API Keys are meant to be stored securely, do not commit them to git nor use them on the client-side.

Authorization headers should be in the following format: Authorization: Bearer API Key


Sample Authorization Header

Authorization: Bearer CO.8wD4OoVduNC2uaGj.xxTTe2Y7n4jAnJtj1ODqyc3AyllGzJRsIrxa2EuNSWY6Pw0V

All API requests must be made over HTTPS.

Finally, please note all API requests must include your project Id in the query parameters, see sample below:

-H "Authorization: Bearer API_KEY"
-H "Content-Type: application/json"
-d '{ "name": "fintech app" }'